Monday, June 15, 2015

Polycom Major Infrastructure releases

Polycom has released today new major release for most of its Infrastructure devices the most important feature is support for Hyper-v and lync Federation AV MCU integration.
you could find below some of major new features with URI for the realease notes for more details. 

RMX 8.6

  •  Support connect to AV MCU on federated Lync
  • SVC is increased to provide 5:1 instead of 3:1  for SVC:HD ports in 8.5
  • Support of DNS load balancing and FE failover
  • Support of waiting lobby in conference.
  • failover to another RMX and transfer the call to it when it has AV MCU

RM 8.4

  • Support for the RealPresence Group Series 310
  • Subnet Overlap Allowed in Site Topology
  • Support for Additional Direct Conference Template Parameters
  •  Calendar Connector for RealPresence Group and Polycom HDX Systems
  • Encryption License Required for XMPP
  • Virtual Edition Supported on Microsoft Hyper-V
  •  Phone Management Enhancements

RPAD 4.2

  •  STUN and TURN Support for WebRTC Video Conferencing
  • High Availability
  • Virtual Edition Support for Microsoft® Hyper-V
  • Security Updates


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