Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Group Series Major Release

As Usual Polycom Prove that it is the best choice for integrate with MS Lync/SFB and it is really complete the UC solution of MS.
Polycom had released a major release with Native MS RDP which will enable Group Series to view Microsoft Lync/SFB desktop native without using Polycom infrastrcuture special in Point-Point Calls.
Also this release has a lot of new amazing feature like:

  • Microsoft Office 365 calendaring.
  • first release of the Polycom RealPresence Touch device.
  • add provisioning capabilities.
  • support for Lync Response Group registrations.
  • support for Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)/MED.
  • support for new EagleEye IV Inverted mounting option.
  • Acoustic Fence technology.
  • includes support for several experimental features like (Dual Live-Stream, Content Stretch, and Touch Monitor UI Control)
below is the Documentationnotes for more details

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